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Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa: Resort-Quality Services with Affordable Rates

Relax, refresh, restore - necessities for any hardworking adult today. The stresses of dealing with hectic demands in any given week take a toll on the body, mentally and physically. In recent years, many people have learned that regular massages and facials can be a quick, easy and enjoyable solution to counteract some of that stress.


Spring 2011 Health & Wealth Raffle Promotes Arizona Pride

Since 2003, the Health & Wealth Raffle has not only become one of the largest fundraisers for St. Joseph’s Hospital and Barrow Neurological Institute, but an integral part of the Arizona landscape. This spring’s Health & Wealth Raffle will launch Thursday, Feb. 17, paying homage to the businesses and people that comprise Arizona’s “originals.”


Ask the Expert: Toilet Training Your Kids

Q: As a new parent, I have a lot of questions about toilet training. What can you tell me about this?



AZ Health: Dr. Dena Cabrera, Psychologist and Director of Educational Outreach at Remuda Ranch

Since 1990, Wickenburg’s Remuda Ranch has treated more than 10,000 women and girls suffering from eating disorders. Dr. Dena Cabrera, psychologist and director of educational outreach at Remuda Ranch, shares their story.



JCL's Miracles: Widow Maker Foiled

They call the kind of heart attack that hit New River resident Keith Webb a widow maker. “That’s because it’s an extremely large heart attack,” said cardiologist Tri Nguyen, MD, director of Noninvasive Cardiology at John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital.

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