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Get Your Sexy Back

Everyone is buzzing about CoolSculpting, the new  non-invasive procedure that permanently removes stubborn fat using cold laser technology.



How To Prevent Text Neck

Here are the best tips for avoiding a headache of issues when working or playing on your cell phone.



If you’re trying to keep up with the ever-evolving cyber world through texting, facebook and twitter on your phone, then consider the kink it can put in your neck…literally. Doctors and chiropractors say people hunched over their mobile gadgets are developing neck strain, headaches and pain in the shoulders and, sometimes, in arms and hands. What’s more...


GoBean: A Healthy Way to Energy and Efficient Studying

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 GoBean: A Healthy Way To Energy and Efficient Studying

The Today Show and many other sources believe that there is a national epidemic for prescription drug abuse specifically students abusing Adderall. Adderall, a prescription drug commonly used to treat ADHD, is being taken to handle the workload of college courses. Not only are students and adults abusing the medication but they are also buying it illegally, risking unfortunate side effects and legal consequences. ADD/ADHD drugs are generating close to $8 billion a year collectively.  Many medical experts agree that America is being over-prescribed ADD medications and a natural alternative to help people study is needed. 


Scottsdale Medical Imaging: Brave Hearts

At the forefront of the fight on breast cancer is Scottsdale Medical Imaging’s Breast Patient Navigator Team who provide education, guidance, care and support to the local women who are diagnosed with the disease every day. Here are the inspiring stories of three such patients.



JCL Miracles: Family Really Matters

When 12 Children are Waiting for Dad’s Brain Surgery . . .


Three generations of the Beatty family – Paul and his wife, Lynnette, their twelve children and two grandchildren – gather for a family wedding.

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