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Resolution 2012: Get the Skinny on Fat Reduction

It’s that time of year when all of society is trying to make good on their New Year’s resolutions. Year after year national polls consistently show diet and exercise amongst the top three resolutions in the United States. This year, when diet and exercise is not enough, get rid of those stubborn bulges once and for all. In addition to a nutritionist and trainer, add a board certified plastic surgeon in your corner to allow you...


A Hospital in Phoenix is Getting a Makeover

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The John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital will boast a brand new third floor called Specialty Surgical Care, and it will open to the public on January 9th.  

    The remodeled space includes 28 generously sized hotel-esque rooms for elective orthopedic, neuro, spine and urology patients.  A personal greeter will direct patients to their private rooms where they will find a gift bag and undergo personalized admission procedures.  


Getting Healthy for the New Year

One of Arizona’s leading naturopathic physicians, Dr. Lauren Deville, discusses getting healthy in 2012.



JCL Miracles: Quiet Miracle Highlights the Holiday Season

Medical Teamwork Between Super-Specialists Offers Pain-Free New Lease on Life.

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Fabulous Last-Minute Gift Ideas & A Luxe Holiday Facial Special

Ever notice how countless parties, lack of sleep, long flights, and stress can leave your skin looking less-than-stellar during the Holiday Season? When you're making your holiday list, make sure you account for some "me" time to refresh and rejuvenate your skin.


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