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To achieve any goal whether it be fat loss, a healthier lifestyle, relocating to a new city or changing careers, it starts with a conscious shift in mindset and being intentional. 


12 Mindset Solutions: Fat Loss starts in the Mind

1.Start with your value system and write down your top values. A few of my top values are God, myself, my Rottweiler, Teddy Bear, family, a healthy lifestyle, my business/work, friends, helping others and community, and spiritual growth. Is health one of your top values? Prioritizing your values is an initial step that opens the door to transformation and lasting change. 

2.Keep a journal to record your goals and intentions. Review them daily. The act of writing and journaling is very powerful in creating a positive outcome for long-term success. Studies show an 80 percent success rate for those who follow through by writing down their goals. Be intentional. The greater the outer change or physical change you wish to manifest or experience, the inner change or emotional change must be even greater. Serious intention and desire for personal growth, losing body fat, or achieving any other change or goal requires emotional motivation

3.Start with two simple, healthy changes each week and add two more each and every following week. This is the concept in my first book, The Power of 4.Ultimately, small changes over time are very profound and doable without creating overwhelm, and subtly change your old, sabotaging habits into new and healthier ones. 

4.Be prepared. Have a plan. Use the 12-week check list found in Fat Loss Revolution as a tool. Set up your environment at home and work to minimize and reduce temptation. Remove unhealthy foods from your home and replace with healthier options.