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Juicing rules for a tastier, healthier, faster glass of goodness.


 Forget coffee; juice is the new java. If you’re not already juicing, you’re thinking about juicing. Either way, Alexandra Maw, co-creator of local fave, Kaleidoscope Juice, has just what you need: nine must-know juicing tips. Maw creates cold-pressed organic juice in fun, ridiculously nutritious flavors. (Take Anton Spinach, a combo of spinach, ginger, green apple, celery, lemon and mint.) Follow these tips and useful insights from Maw and you’ll be juicing like a pro in no time:

1) It’s better than just eating fruits and vegetables. About seven pounds of produce make up one 16-ounce bottle of Kaleidoscope’s organic cold-pressed juice. That’s a lot of plant power in a few easy gulps. Also, by extracting the fiber, your body gets a break from digesting (digestion takes up about 80 percent of our energy). Your body can harness this excess energy to detox, address outstanding health challenges or for really exciting things like improving your special powers—seriously.

2) Pick the right juicer for you. A common question among juicing novices is “What’s the best juicer?” The answer depends: The Norwalk Cold Press is geared to someone ready to commit to seriously incorporating juicing into their daily life, whereas a Breville or Omega are great for more casual juicers who want a quick cleanup.

3) If your juicer is king, organic produce is queen. The ingredients are really where the magic happens. Organic produce is key, especially when your body is so easily absorbing the juice. You don’t want to be mainlining any pesticides.

4) Juice in the a.m. for optimal results. Drink a juice upon rising. After sleeping through the night, your body is ready to suck up anything you give it, so try a nutrient-dense green juice in the morning.

5) Build flavor. Start with your base, which will give you the bulk of the liquid (celery, cucumber, apple, carrot or beet). Then add your leafy greens like kale and spinach, and think about accents like lemon, cayenne, turmeric root and mint.

6) Think nutrition. Bitter is better when it comes to nutrition. Dark green leafy veggies like collard, chard and dandelion greens are very high in vitamins and minerals. For taste, try adding green apple to brighten the flavor.

7) Be creative with combos. Kaleidoscope’s most popular juices right now are Anton Spinach (spinach, celery, green apple, lemon, ginger and mint) and Keri’s Clean Green (kale, parsley, celery, cucumber, mint and green apple). The Pineapple Wheatgrass Lemonade is a favorite as well with two ounces of wheatgrass, lemon and pineapple.

8) Have mason jars on hand. A juice lover can never have too many mason jars. A favorite new kitchen accessory among juice enthusiasts is the Cuppow!, a fitted lid that turns your canning jar into a travel mug or, for the little ones, a sippy cup with a spout.

9) Have a plan for your pulp. Give leftover scraps and pulp to chickens at a nearby farm or the neighbors’ horses, for instance.   

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