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5 Science Museums to Visit in Europe

If you’re travelling to any of these places in Europe this year why not pack some education into your trip with a visit to a science Museum?



The Most Important Muscle for Swinging a Golf Club

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You might remember Tiger Woods withdrawing from the Farmers Insurance Open last year because of “deactivated glutes.” Many in the sports and golf world had their fun at the expense of Tiger and his glutes. Now, this is not written to defend whether or not Tiger experienced “deactivated glutes.”  The primary purpose is to emphasize that glute activation is paramount for the golf swing.

Weak or deactivated glutes can contribute to all of the swing faults. They are the biggest muscle group that connects the lower body to the core of...


The top pastimes in Arizona and where to go to find them


Whether you are a resident in the US state of Arizona, or are a visitor planning a trip there, you will not go short of pastimes and activities to keep you occupied.


Student friendly locations on the East Coast of America

Students who are looking to tour the East Coast of America or those possibly looking to book a holiday should visit all or at least one of these places. The East Coast of America has the nation’s earliest history as well as being home to the most popular landmarks in the World.



Remembering Bill Tull: Artist, Sculptor, Home-Carver


Valley interior designer Nancy Kitchell met Jo Ann and Bill Tull in the early ’70s when she was working with William Benner and Patrick Maas, founders of the acclaimed Scottsdale-based Est Est, the Valley’s oldest interior design studio, now owned by Tony Sutton, ASID.


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