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The wonders of Cabo San Lucas are well-known to discerning travelers. From its abundant natural beauty and near-perfect weather to its rich history and compelling mystique, Los Cabos is a coveted place where people want to be. The question, however, is how can it be experienced at its best? How do you find the right mix of beauty, recreation and amenities without compromising serenity and authenticity? For starters, living on beautiful land is critical to a quintessential Cabo experience, and in that regard, Old Lighthouse Club—an exclusive neighborhood within the celebrated destination resort of Quivira—is unique. However, its stunning setting is only the beginning.


Baja California was the last territory to become a Mexican state, and the determination and pride of its people are aptly reflected by El Faro Viejo—The Old Lighthouse. Created by Joaquín Gómez Palacios of Spain, The Old Lighthouse has weathered trends, endured storms and safely guided travelers home since 1906, remaining durable and true all the while. Quietly overlooking the blue ocean waters it for so long illuminated, it's now inside the gates of Old Lighthouse Club, providing residents a fascinating bond to this storied past; and that rich past is currently enjoying an epic present.