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Tips for Surviving Spring Break


Whether you're a parent just getting away or a college student on vacation from classes, spring break is something that everybody looks forward to. While you're probably counting down the days until spring break begins, there are a few rules you should follow to keep yourself safe when you're out there having fun. 


Planning a Budget-Friendly Weekend Trip to Sin City


You're thinking of heading to sin city for the weekend, but you want to make sure your trip is cost-effective. Maybe you want to do a little more gambling and cutting costs will help you do that. You might want to stay under budget, which can be done with the following tips.


Staying Fit on Spring Break

Body + Fitness1.jpg

Planning a vacation and all the “to do” things on your list can be exciting, but one thing we often forget to plan for is exercise. Give yourself a break and accept you may not be able to work out as much as you would at home, though the last thing you want though is to return home and step on the scale and find out you are 10 pound heavier and can’t button your pants. Believe it or not, it is possible to have a fantastic time, eat amazing food and not come home feeling guilty - all you need to do is prepare in advance.

Pack realistically for success

You can’t pack a treadmill or dumbbells in your...


Best Schools in Arizona with Golf

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There are a handful of states in America that can claim that golf is an institution for residents. California and Florida are certainly at the top of the list but Arizona, with its warm year-round climate, has undoubtedly become a haven for golf lovers. 


Garden Isle Golf


Poipu Bay Golf Course

Tee up at above-par island courses. 



Timbers Kauai Ocean Club & Residences

Infinity-edge pools are well-named, aren’t they? Find one with a memorable view and you want to stay in it, well, forever. A perfect example, with two-tiers no less, can be found on Kauai at the Timbers Kauai Ocean Club &...

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