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Student friendly locations on the East Coast of America

Students who are looking to tour the East Coast of America or those possibly looking to book a holiday should visit all or at least one of these places. The East Coast of America has the nation’s earliest history as well as being home to the most popular landmarks in the World.



Remembering Bill Tull: Artist, Sculptor, Home-Carver


Valley interior designer Nancy Kitchell met Jo Ann and Bill Tull in the early ’70s when she was working with William Benner and Patrick Maas, founders of the acclaimed Scottsdale-based Est Est, the Valley’s oldest interior design studio, now owned by Tony Sutton, ASID.



The Arizona Gambling Scene


Surrounded by California, Nevada and New Mexico, Arizona has always been a popular holiday destination in the deep south of America. Many visit for the stunning scenery including the famous Monument Valley. Others come to enjoy a cowboy adventure trying to re-live the days of the wild west. Some are attracted by the great cities like Phoenix and Tucson which are world-class in every sense of the world from the museums they contain to the cuisine that’s on offer.


WMPO Tournament Chairman Daniel Mahoney

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(Photo courtesy of PGATour.com)                  

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is the most-attended PGA TOUR event in the world, regularly drawing more than 500,000 fans to TPC Scottsdale each year. You might recognize the hosts of the tournament, The Thunderbirds, in their blue tunics and silver pendants driving around in golf carts, serving Thunder Dogs at the Life Bird Grill or helping with any odds and ends that might occur during tournament week. While all 55 active members – and most of the 350 Life Birds – of The Thunderbirds volunteer an extraordinary amount of their...


The 5 Important Stable Joints for the Golf Swing

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Last week I shared the '6 Critical Mobile Joints for the Golfer' and I mentioned the stable joints: foot, knee, lumbar spine, scapulo-thoracic (shoulder blades), and elbows. The stable joints are important because they are “the rock” or the foundation for the mobile joints. A lack of stability in the stable joints will result in altered movement patterns and swing faults.

The foot is probably the most notable stable joint.  It is the only joint that makes constant contact with the ground. Without good stability in the foot, your balance will be...

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