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9 Outdoor Landscaping Ideas for the Busy Homeowner


While outdoor landscaping can be very relaxing and rewarding, it can also be very time consuming. Standard landscape features such as expansive grass yards, diverse flower beds covered in mulch, and others require continued maintenance and upkeep. However, there are several innovative landscaping ideas that do not require constant maintenance and still create a stylish and enjoyable outdoor environment.


7 Exterior Home Renovation Trends for Arizona

The key to renovating homes, especially exteriors, is striking a balance between what is stylish and what won’t get outdated in a few months. After all, you are putting in quite a lot – time, money, and energy – so you don’t want to finish your fantastic exterior redesign project, only to find out that you might need to start thinking of re-modernizing your home in a short while.

So how do you strike that delicate balance between beauty and timelessness? In this post, you’ll be introduced to some home design trends that will still be in vogue many years down the line.


Aging with Style: Check Out these Modern Home Upgrades for Retirement


Age is just a number, but we can't deny there are certain health factors to consider as you enter your senior years. From age 60 and onward, people are more prone to falls and injury due to reduced bone density and medical conditions. Reduced mobility and even cognitive changes can impact a senior's sense of independence and freedom; these home upgrades are designed to help you age in place by embracing modern technology.


How To Protect Your Home For Monsoon Season

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By Hippo Insurance 

Monsoons can have a detrimental impact on homes, coming on rather quickly in the warmer seasons making preparation ahead of time key. These seasonal storms occur in the summer months for U.S. states starting in June and continuing through September. During monsoon, you can expect high levels of humidity, which brings with it thunderstorms...


Crescent Communities Announces Opening of Phoenix Office

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Crescent Communities Announces Opening of Phoenix Office

Office to Be Led by Newly Appointed Director of Development Ken Keefe

Crescent Communities, a nationally recognized, market-leading real estate investor, developer, and operator of mixed-use communities across the...

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