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The real estate market in 2021 is hot for sellers. It’s a bit more challenging for home buyers. While there are many options on the market in Phoenix and around Arizona, the best properties get snatched up quickly. This can be frustrating for home buyers who want a house in a specific location, a certain size, or they simply fall in love with a particular home.

One option that a lot of people forget about is that they can have a home custom built. There are home builders with models to walk through, that can be tweaked to your liking. While this option seems scary for some, it can remove a lot of the frustrations people feel when looking for a new home. This process can take months, but so can the process of finding the right home and getting an offer accepted. Building a new home just makes sense, and here are some of the biggest benefits.

Endless Customizations

You could have an in-ground pool built off your master bedroom if you wanted. Building a new home in Arizona means you can customize it any way you’d like. If you build from a stock selection of homes, there are typically countless ways to make the home your own. From paint and flooring, to fixtures and room placement, there are endless options. No two homes are exactly the same even if they are built from the same model. If you go truly custom and have an architect and engineer design your home you can do whatever you want.

Affordable Land

Did you know that Arizona has the most affordable land? It’s true, acre per acre, it’s more cost effective to buy land in Arizona than anywhere else in the nation. When it comes to building a new house, it’s often the land that drives the price up. If you build in AZ, that price is lower which means your money goes further in creating the home of your dreams. It also gives you more options if you want to live in the suburbs or out in the country.

Choose Your Neighborhood

There are so many beautiful neighborhoods in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Arizona communities come equipped with amenities like pools, clubhouses, and more. If you want a pre-planned neighborhood with a set number of houses to choose from or if you want a truly custom home, you get to choose the area you live in. This is beneficial for families who might want bigger yards or for professionals who may want something low maintenance. Building a home guarantees you’ll get a neighborhood that’s right for you.

Move-In Ready

Let’s face it, most people want a home that is move-in ready when they get the keys after signing. No one wants to clean, repair, or even replace something in their new home. A house that is turn-key is appealing to many people in Arizona. Just move your stuff in and start living in it. It’s one of the many reasons people choose to build a new home. While it may seem like it takes forever, the end result is worth it.

Reduced Cost of Maintenance

A new home doesn’t come with the same maintenance needs as an older one. You’ll have new appliances, new paint, new flooring, new siding, and a brand-new roof. That’s because the whole thing was custom built just for you. With all these new things, you’re less likely to need any maintenance for a while and even if you do, a home warranty typically covers these repairs for the first few years. You can even use Networx reviews to find a reputable contractor who can make the repairs or add something to your new home.

No Bidding Wars

Let’s face it, in this market, houses enter and leave the market in an instant. Sometimes there are multiple offers on the table within hours and a bidding war ensues. One of the benefits of building new is that you’ll get the house you want without having to fight over it or convince someone to pick you. While it can take 3-5 months for some people to find their next home, a new home can sometimes be built in the same amount of time.