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Meeting Jonathan Adler

JA 2016 PORTRAIT by Maura McEvoy


I was quite nervous to meet him; a legendary designer whose pieces I have admired for years. Walking into his Biltmore store with my list of interview questions in hand, I felt well . . . dorky.

Thankfully, that feeling was whisked away by a dapper man with a contagiously vibrant spirit. Immediately upon meeting Jonathan Adler, I...


Saving and Earning Money With Solar Power


Solar energy has become quite the controversial issue here in Arizona over the last few years. Whatever your feeling about the state and country’s dependence upon fossil fuels, the facts are in: solar power is a clean and sustainable source of power. This is why more and more companies are finding ways to implement solar panels into their building designs. It’s why more cities all over the country--even here in the foothills--are finding ways to harvest solar energy. And, of course, it’s why you should use solar energy in your home.


Holiday Craft Ideas from Martha Stewart


What better way to spend time with family and friends over the holiday than to plan a craft-making shindig? Transform your home into a holiday haven fit for the most festive of parties, or simply add a few cute additions to the home. Martha Stewart provides us with some fantastic holiday crafting ideas to create decorative items like reindeer wreaths, ribbon garland and bows, and tips for using ornaments off the tree for a sparkling window display (be sure to get the adorable, shiny acorn ornaments).


5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for the New Year


The holiday celebrations may be fading away, but inside your home, the evidence of their destruction is still evident. Dirt tracked over the carpet, a pile of presents spilling out of the closet, the glass of wine that Grandpa accidentally dumped on the sofa—all that holiday cheer can certainly take a toll on your home decor. But there’s still a whole lot of winter to spend stuck indoors, so you might as well make sure you like what you’re seeing. If your interiors could use a mid-winter update, then these tips are for you.

Paint a Piece of Furniture in a Bright, Bold Color

New Year’s resolutions? How about New...


'Flipping Females' Empower Local Women to Enter Fix & Flip Real Estate Investing

A group of ambitious Valley women are leading the game in local real estate by blazing the path for others to get involved in hands-on real estate investment projects.


They call themselves the Flipping Females. Spearheaded by Catherine Bell, Elizabeth Hooley, Celina Acosta and Vanessa Guizar, the grassroots group empowers and supports likeminded women who are looking to break into the fix and flip market and establish themselves within local real estate. For the uninitiated, house flipping is when real estate investors purchase houses, fix and repair, and then resell them for a greater profit.

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