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Art & Furniture Design Collide at Brown Jordan’s ‘Color Your Life’ Event

Learn how to reinvigorate your outdoor living space with a mix of curated art and furniture design at Brown Jordan’s Color Your Life event.

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Brown Jordan Outdoor Furniture Stands the Test of Time, Style

When searching for the perfect outdoor furniture, there are usually two key questions asked: 1. Will the design fit my home’s aesthetic? And, assuming you will want to have this furniture for a while, 2. Will it become out of style soon?

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Everything You Need for a Greener Spring Clean


They don’t call it “springtime fresh” for nothing. All winter long, dust, pet hair, and clutter have been accumulating in your quarters, while you huddled inside under the warmth of your HVAC unit. So it’s no wonder you feel the urge to crack open the windows and dust out the cobwebs with the first warm breath of air.

Unfortunately, though, when you’re looking to refresh your home, commercial cleaners can seriously cramp your style. Although we usually think of air pollution as an outdoors-only problem, studies show that indoor air quality may be much more harmful. Mold spores...


How to Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Summer With Brown Jordan

With clear skies and sunshine most days of the year, it’s no wonder that Arizonians spend most of their time outdoors. Create your own outdoor sanctuary at home with Brown Jordan.

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4 Tips for Decorating your Arizona Home Office on Budget

The chances are if you’re able to work at home, you’ll want to have the nicest possible office space. Studies indicate the size of a home office is 151 square feet. This may motivate you to work a bit more and increase your overall income. However, one thing that may be holding you back when it comes to decorating this area is being on a strict budget. You can make major changes without breaking the bank if you only know what to do. Being fully aware of how to make the most of your office space with the money you have is sure to be the ideal places to start.


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