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As the pandemic in the United States reaches two years, people are changing their lives in many ways. One thing that people are doing to find more happiness is moving to open spaces. Arizona is perfect for this. It isn’t the only reason people are relocating to this state; there are various reasons why Arizona is attractive to outsiders. Between the rent and the weather, Arizona has a lot to offer. Below are five reasons you should move to Arizona.

Open Space

One of the biggest reasons to move to Arizona is the wide-open spaces that the state provides. There are 7 million people in this large state, and over a million of them are in Phoenix. Here you can spread out and enjoy the landscape. You can go hiking. You can camp. You can drive. It is easy to explore the great state of Arizona. Not only is there a lot of land available in Arizona, but it is also affordable. Another one of the best reasons to move to Arizona is that you can find an affordable home.

Affordable Properties

Whether you are trying to rent an apartment or buy a house, living in Arizona is not as expensive as in other states. If you live in California, Washington, New York, or Chicago, the prices for a home in Arizona are much cheaper. If you’re in the market to buy some property, now is a great time. The prices are still cheap, but they are rising. A lot of people are moving from California to take advantage of their neighboring state’s affordable property prices. Here you can create your own world and do it for a reasonable price.


Arizona is beautiful. The desert of Southern Arizona gives way to a more temperate climate in the North. There is the Grand Canyon, but that is just the beginning of what Arizona has to offer. Sedona is gorgeous. Flagstaff is a quaint and pretty town in the mountains. The Wave attracts thousands of hikers from around the world every year. There is rock climbing and bouldering. There is hiking and kayaking. Whatever you are into as far as nature goes, Arizona can provide. It is a beautiful place where you can get lost in the natural world and find yourself in the beauty of it all. 


While Arizona feels remote, it still has most of the places, businesses, and services other places have. If you live in Phoenix, you have the benefits of a city and all the surrounding places. You can easily get out of town. There are gyms in Arizona where you can work out in air conditioning. There are restaurants and bars to spend your nights. There are hotels and bed and breakfasts. Whatever you need, Arizona can provide the level of accessibility most states can. Depending on where you are, there are many options for things to do, places to get stuff done, and everything you need during daily life.

Friendly People

Finally, one of the best parts of Arizona is the people. The desert brings people together. People are friendly here. When you live in the middle of nowhere, you have to rely on other people. This mentality has changed, even though much of Arizona isn’t remote anymore. The culture of down-home hospitality, a genuine smile for friends and strangers alike, and self-reliance remains, and it creates one of the best places in the United States.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. Arizona has all kinds of benefits. Between the open land, the affordable properties, friendly people, beautiful nature, and access to the conveniences of the modern world. If you want to change the pace of your life and find something new, Arizona has a lot to offer.

The pandemic has changed things. Life is different now. Priorities have shifted. If you need to leave where you are from or want a lower overhead, Arizona can provide a setting to build a world of your own creation. These are five reasons to relocate to this awesome state, but there are many more. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that the state of Arizona is a great place to live. Soak in the natural world and find a property you want to buy—things will change for you.