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Summer may be over, but if you live in a state like Arizona, where temperatures average 60 to 85 degrees, it’s the perfect weather for outdoor activities. A favorite pastime for many Arizona residents is spending time in the backyard. Whether you’re playing around with the kids, cooking a meal, hosting a gathering, or merely relaxing in nature, your backyard provides a safe and private space to indulge. As an essential part of your living space, having a well-designed yard works best. 

If your backyard is less than accommodating, or you want to add comfort, style, and functionality to the space, a few updates or professional renovations can make a significant difference. As home improvements are multi-faceted projects, here are some tips to ensure your outdoor living space encompasses everything you desire. 

Decide On A Budget

How much can you afford to spend on a backyard renovation project? Before you start letting your imagination run wild, you need to have a solid budget. Evaluate your income after expenses, check your savings, and factor in the financing costs to determine which option is best for you. Your budget should also include a cushion for incidentals. Finally, don’t forget to factor in the ongoing costs of maintaining your new yard. For example, if you’re getting a pool, you’ll need to determine how much it will cost to keep it clean.

Ongoing Maintenance

Speaking of ongoing maintenance, when planning a backyard design, you must keep it in mind. It will be your responsibility to maintain the quality and appearance once the project is complete. From cleaning the deck and swimming pool to repairing kitchen appliances and tending to the garden, the more you add to your backyard, the more work you add to your to-do list. Of course, you could hire someone to take care of the job for you, but you’ll need to ensure you can pay them for their services. 

Don’t Overlook Functionality

When designing a backyard, don’t overlook the importance of functionality. What’s the point in having a fancy yard if it doesn’t encompass anything you can use? Think about how you plan to use the yard to include features that accommodate your needs. For instance, if you have small children, your design might consist of a play area for them to remain entertained. If you plan on cooking outdoors, you’ll want a kitchen and eating space. A deck, seating area, or fire pit should be included in your backyard design for homeowners who like to host gatherings.

Hire A Contractor

If you’ve watched enough home improvement shows or videos, tasks like installing a fence, building a deck, or placing concrete might appear easy. However, some homeowners find out the hard way that there’s more to these projects than meets the eye. Trying to DIY particular backyard renovations can leave you with a big mess that’s expensive to resolve. It’s best to hire a contractor to ensure that the project’s quality, integrity, and aesthetics are intact. 

Use Design Software

Designing a backyard involves more than just selecting colors, textures, and materials. You must determine what you want in the yard, the layout (as it relates to the space you have), and other optics. Not to mention, it can be challenging to translate what’s in your head to the contractors. If you’re going to get the design just right, it’s best to use outdoor kitchen design software. Such platforms enable you to review the layout, select appliances, and cabinetry, and bring your ideas together to create the perfect template for contractors to follow. 

Designing a backyard is a lot of fun. However, it’s also a lot of work. Beyond selecting colors, textures, and materials, homeowners must consider other financial, lifestyle, and aesthetic factors. To ensure that you get the results you want, you must keep the elements listed above in mind. In the end, you’ll end up with a backyard that not only looks great but has the integrity, quality, and functionality to accommodate your needs.