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Angelica Negri

Age: 29

Executive Assistant at MVMT Studios 


I love chocolate and I like mint, but I hate the two of them together. 

In the eighth grade, I fell 20 feet out of a chairlift. I was pulled down the slopes on a ski toboggan, rode down the mountain in an ambulance to the nearby hospital, where I was diagnosed with zero injuries! I fell and landed perfectly. I still get nervous riding on lifts to this day.

I believe in chivalry, and I'm a sucker for a cheesy romance.

Ashley Ford

Age: 27

Community Outreach and Events Manager, Kendra Scott 


I moved to the Valley from Austin a little over three years ago. People usually don’t think I have an accent until they hear the “y’all”—or until I start to drink.

For my job, I go to a ton of galas and charity events around town. The best silent auction/raffle prize I’ve won so far was a little three-legged cat. His name is Butters.

I use all five fingertips when I hold a pen. Most people are freaked out by it, but I think it’s a smarter way to write—no calluses.

Caitlin Smith

Age: 27

Holistic Wellness Advisor and Founder of Exhale Wellness Studio


I used to be a farmer! My journey to wellness and entrepreneurship began when I co-owned an organic farm out of Tempe when I was 21.

My wishes for a final meal would be copious amounts of pizza and craft beer. Hands down.

I cry uncontrollably when I laugh really, really hard. If you can get a deep belly laugh out of me, you might even hear a little snort or two.

Joshua J. Amonson

Age: 46

Executive Chef of Bourbon & Bones


I met President Clinton at the APEC meeting in November of 1993. 

I was in the U.S. Coast Guard.

In 1990, I graduated from boot camp in New Jersey and was stationed in New York City during Desert Storm before I went to cooking school in California. I was then stationed in Seattle for high endurance which led to places all around the world. I even received my first humanitarian service metal helping Haitian migrants. I cooked for secret service, all officers on the oldest wooden vessels--the US FIGI BARQUE EAGLE in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Bermuda and Madeira. 

Nicole Myden

Age: 38

Founder, The PR Concierge 

@nicolemyden, @theprconcierge

A favorite quote: "The greatest project you'll ever work on is you!"

I believe a person's energy introduces them when they enter a room.

Lover of life, love, adventure, grace, gratitude, spirituality, reading, giving back, great food, good company, my family, my friends and authenticity.