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@AlexisDelChiaro Alexis DelChiaro

Alexis DelChiaro is an a.m. anchor with Fox 10 Arizona.
Followers: 5,516
Following: 82
Number of Tweets: 2,501

Favorite person to follow?
Just like millions of other people, I like to see what Kim Kardashian is up to. I feel like I know Kim K. because of her Tweets. We’re friends in my head. If we ever met, we’d get along very well.

Why did you start Tweeting?
I started Tweeting because my partner in crime, Rick D’Amico, signed up on Twitter and I felt like I was missing out. It’s true, I was.

What do you never Tweet about?
Pretty much everything is fair game on Twitter, but my rule of thumb is that if I don’t want to read it about someone else, I won’t Tweet it myself.

What Tweet has generated the most response?
I find that my Twitpics seem to get a ton of reaction. It’s fun to show the behind-the-scenes chaos that ensues on AZ AM.

What is the strangest place you've Tweeted from?
I usually tweet from the AZ AM set. It’s great to read real-time reaction from our viewers. It cracks me up!

How do you choose who you follow?
I follow people who are interesting, totally random and hilarious. That’s the criteria.

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