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Westcor Makes Cents for AZ Schools

Westcor is committing $50,000 to Arizona schools this Back-to-School season, with the launch of its School Cents Program.



Lexis Preparatory School

When standard education programs were not enough for the Tuttleman and Hisle families, these pro-active parents put their children’s learning first. Thanks to the Lexis Preparatory School, their kids are acquiring the skills to make them a success both in and out of the classroom.

Lexis Prep 


Congressional Update

In June, AFM got the chance to talk with Arizona’s 3rd Congressional candidates about campaigning and their reason behind it. Now, two months later, we’re catching up with the Congressional hopefuls to see how their summer has been and what strides they’ve made along the way. Here’s what they had to say.

Making the Grade—Five Fabulous Valley Teachers

From early-morning prep sessions to after-school tutoring, these five fabulous Valley teachers have devoted their lives to inspiring students to reach the unreachable. Here are their stories.

Sister Joanie Nuckols, B.V.M. Xavier College Preparatory


AFM Tête à Tête: Stroke of Genius

If you’ve traveled to Flagstaff in recent years, there’s a good chance you are already familiar with Joe Sorren. The Northern Arizona University graduate and Flagstaff-based artist is responsible for the well-known, much-loved outdoor mural in the town’s Heritage Square. Outside of Arizona, Sorren’s paintings have been shown in New York and California and have graced the pages of such illustrious publications as Time, The New Yorker and Rolling Stone. Read on as the artist talks about life in Northern Arizona and where we can see his work in the coming months.

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