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E.B. Lane Wins $80 Million Contract with Arizona Lottery

Luck of the draw? No way. When CEO Beau Lane and his team at advertising firm E.B. Lane set out to win back a five-year, $80 million contract with the Arizona Lottery, nothing was left to chance.


The advertising, public relations and interactive firm managed the many layers of marketing, advertising and public relations for the Arizona Lottery account...


The New Mercedes ML450

Get ready for some stares on the road, because the Mercedes ML450 is one mid-sized SUV that can not be overlooked. Sleek on the outside and environmentally friendly on the inside, this SUV is definitely the “it” ride for summer.



Jerry Hairston, Jr.

After winning his career-first World Series with the New York Yankees last year, Scottsdale resident Jerry Hairston, Jr., signed a one-year contract with the San Diego Padres. This deal not only employs Hairston’s ability to play multiple positions as a utility player, but also puts him on the same team as his younger brother, Scott, for the first time—making the Hairstons the seventh set of brothers/teammates to play for the Padres. (The Hairstons are also the third family to have had three generations play professional baseball.) Read on as Hairston talks about his World Series win and what you can find him doing in the off-season.

Jerry Hairston Jr

Valley Insider’s Guide

With more than 200 combined years of Valley living, these prominent locals know the best things to see and do around our state. We asked for a few of their favorites—and though it was hard for them to decide—here’s what they had to say. (Be on the lookout for little-known Valley gems to try this summer.)

McDowell Sonoran Preserve


Amazing Dads

They taught us how to play catch in the backyard. And they let us dance on their toes at our weddings. So on Father’s Day, we want to show our dads how much they mean to us. Find out how these A-plus pops are able to make their children their priority and what they are most looking forward to on June 20.

 Tom Wells

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