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In June, AFM got the chance to talk with Arizona’s 3rd Congressional candidates about campaigning and their reason behind it. Now, two months later, we’re catching up with the Congressional hopefuls to see how their summer has been and what strides they’ve made along the way. Here’s what they had to say.

Sam Crump


AFM: Has the past months changed your view of running for election?

SC: Not really since I've run for office several times before.

AFM: After meeting and interacting with local residents, what have you discovered is their No. 1 concern?

SC: Fear for America's economic situation and that Obama, Pelosi and Reid are doing exactly the wrong things to improve it.

AFM: How do you think you can achieve local residents’ desired change?

SC: With a Republican majority in Congress, we can work to reduce taxes and spending and get the private sector moving again.

AFM: What has been your biggest challenge to date?

SC: Fundraising. We've got millionaires in this race, and I'm trying to raise money from regular folks. But I have faith in the grassroots voters to help me to victory on Election Day.

AFM: Who has been you biggest supporter throughout your campaign?

SC: My wonderful wife, Colleen.

AFM: If you could change anything about your campaigning, what would it have been?

SC: Ask Dan Quayle for his fundraising list.

AFM: What will you be doing on Election Day?

SC: Greeting voters at the polls.

AFM: Where do you plan on celebrating should you win the election?

SC: At my home thanking my family and supporters—win or lose!

For more information on Sam Crump visit, www.samcrump.com.