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Hope for Ava

Most two-year-olds spend their days getting into the pots and pans and learning the terrible two’s and just what buttons to push to drive their parents nuts. Mike and Chrisie Holder would love that to be their daughter’s life right now, but instead Ava Holder, who just turned two in July, spends most of her time in and out of hospital beds, bravely battling neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer that mainly occurs in infancy.



Send Your Kids Back to School in Safety

Backpacks, pencils, notebooks… AWARENESS! As we prepare for our children to head back to school…have we prepared ourselves as parents to empower our children with the tools to keep them from becoming statistic?



Phoenix Rising: The Best Places to Live and Buy

Let’s face it: choosing where to live is a big choice. Combine everyday real estate confusion with a down economy and it can be difficult to make a buying, selling or staying-put decision. Read on for up-to-date information on what’s happening in today’s Valley real estate, and find out which area is best suited for you.


Things to Do This Labor Day Weekend

Finally, a day off of work! With times like these, it’s sometimes nice to simply stay in town and enjoy your city over a holiday break. For those of you taking this route, peruse through our Labor Day roundup on things to do in the Valley over this much-needed, long weekend.

labor day weekend


Cleaning out Your Jewelry Box

Whether the down economy is effecting you financially or not, its got to have everybody thinking about excess and how the trend these days is to pare down your lifestyle and get rid of wastefulness. Many people are cleaning out their closets in an effort to live more organized and waste-free, and some folks are even opening up their jewelry boxes and freeing themselves of old, unwanted jewelry, and making some money at the same time.


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