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Local Dentist Makes a Difference in Nicaragua

An inspiring mission, with one inspiring cause... to get less fortunate people out of pain. Dr. Bradley A. Briggs, D.D.S. of Briggs Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Scottsdale and Arizona Foothills' "Best Dentist in the Valley" has recently traveled to Nicaragua to offer dental care to remote cities with limited quality equipment, and quality dentists. Arizona Foothills had the pleasure to interview Dr. Briggs and get the inside scoop on his moving trip to Central America.

dentist in nicaragua


The Princess Program & Dolce Salon Give Foster Girls a Prom

Every girl remembers their prom night; picking out the perfect dress, getting their hair done in an up-do, having their makeup done like a movie star, going out to a lavish dinner and feeling butterflies when their date walked them into the extravagantly decorated dance room. But not every girl is able to feel like a princess for a night, especially when they don’t even have a family or friend to love them.


The National Kidney Foundation of Arizona

Two is better than one; this is the case with almost everything, certainly kidneys. But having two stellar employees retire simultaneously seems to be the exception. The National Kidney Foundation of Arizona is honoring the unparalleled commitment of Mary Ann Messina and Ruthann Elms, who have dedicated years of their lives fighting against chronic kidney disease.



Legal Check-Ups

Stick out your tongue. Now say “ahhhhhhh.” If this sounds familiar it’s because the routine of many Americans includes seeing their doctor for regular check-ups. The health and well-being of the individual and the family is of prime importance—so is the health of one’s business. Many entrepreneurs and businesses come upon hard times or fall short. They do so not because they have bad ideas or a poor work ethic. They fail because they don’t have their legal ducks in a row. They haven’t had their regular legal “check-up.”

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AZ Giving: How Do YOU Say Bag

Arizona State University honors student Daniel Guerithault aims to reuse bags, reduce damage to the environment and redeem the earth’s beauty with his new campaign.

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