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How to Build Fabulous Relationships

We all dream of finding our true love, hoping that if we meet our perfect mate we’ll be happy. But, when we find the one we think is right we try to change them, or we blame them when we feel uncomfortable. We take their actions and behaviors personally and we get upset when our expectations haven’t been met. Then we wonder why the romance fizzled.


Test Drive: 2010 Bugatti Grand Sport

When Bugatti invited Arizona Foothills Magazine to experience its newest creation- we're kind of a big deal- I jumped at the opportunity to test drive one of the world’s fastest cars. The 2010 Veyron Grand Sport costs approximately $2.1 million, and only 150 will be built over a three-year period. The exact price of the car fluctuates daily due to an ever-changing exchange rate with the Euro. Prospective owners can expect to wait one year for the delivery of their limited-edition beauty.



NBAZ's "Woman of the Year" Maryanne Weiss

Maryanne Weiss, a Scottsdale native, Valley-dweller and inspiration to many, was named the first-ever “Woman of the Year” by National Bank of Arizona’s Women’s Financial Group (WFG). It is National Bank of Arizona’s Women’s Financial Group’s first inaugural “Woman of the Year” award. This annual award will go to an outstanding woman in business who makes contributions, connections and positively influences our community.

maryanne weiss


Barrett-Jackson Car Auction Tips

Just as Barrett-Jackson rolls into town this month, we asked the pros for tips on purchasing auction-block beauties, along with five picks for their all-time favorite automobiles.



New Year, All Year- Making New Year's Resolutions Last

The first week of the New Year presents a clean slate for a start fresh. With a newfound surge of motivation we find ourselves feeling better than ever─for about a week, that is. How can you maintain your goals to get organized, get fit and save some money? We spoke with local pros and found out how to make this year’s resolutions actually last all the way to next January.

Staying Fit


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