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Best Beer Trends For 2015

Beer, sometimes it's what's for dinner. Once upon a time in a land long, long ago, there weren't as many beer choices as there are today. In order for the traditional companies to keep up with the micro brews they are coming up with new ideas.

Some of these new ideas will be trending, some of them won't. While the craft brew trend is still in full force, there are some new things in store this year that you may not have heard about. Keep reading to find out more.


Tips for Hosting an At-Home Easter Brunch: Part II


Need some pointers for hosting the perfect Easter brunch? Rick Boyer, executive chef at The Phoenician, offers his expert advice – and a holiday-worthy recipe for II Terrazzo’s roasted beet and orange salad.

Arizona Foothills Magazine: Can I prep ahead of time or do I have wake up at the crack of dawn on Easter morning to get everything on the table?

Rick Boyer: Preparation and planning are essential, especially when cooking for a large group. I recommend preparing the day before so that you can enjoy the...


Featured Chef: Stephen K. Eldridge of Pink Pony


Meet Executive Chef Stephen K. Eldridge of Pink Pony in Scottsdale.



Tips for Hosting an At-Home Easter Brunch


Springtime entertaining doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Lucky for you, we’ve enlisted the help of Kim Hopper, owner of Sierra Bonita Catering Company. Read on for her expert advice on how to host the perfect at-home Easter brunch.

1. When playing hostess (or host), one of the biggest challenges is planning the menu. “You will likely be dealing with different dietary needs [and] preferences, so variety is key,” says Hopper. Give yourself ample time to stock up on ingredients by writing out a menu and shopping list about a week in advance. Staying organized will...


3 Places to Buy and Sell Privately-Brewed Wine in Arizona

Arizona has been seeing a rise in wine making as a hobby. In the mid-2000s there were only a handful of wineries. In 2014, the state was home to 78 wineries. Many fine wines are produced in Arizona today


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