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How to Care for Your Swimwear

How to Care for Your Swimwear

To survive blazing Arizona summers, fabulous swimwear is an absolute necessity. However, sorting through racks and websites for that perfect suit is only half the battle. In order to protect your stylish investment, you must properly take care of its delicate material.

Deena Drummond, the CEO of Roux Maison Swimwear Detergent, knows a thing or two about caring for swimwear. She offered her...


The Dangers of False Eyelashes

 how-to-apply-false-eyelashes-bold copy

A trademark sign of beauty can be seen in every mascara commercial today. A young woman bats her long, silky eyelashes promising that this product will make them longer, fuller, and sexier. Unfortunately, not all of these promises are kept and women are left searching for alternatives to achieve their own gorgeous lashes. The practice of applying false eyelashes using glues and adhesives has grown in popularity over the years, starting with their origination in 1916.  They seemed to be the safe and easy way to enhance the eyes appearance at a relatively low cost. However, doctors are now warning women that the costs may come from somewhere other than their wallets.


Spas Offer Mother's Day Shopping Events for Procrastinators

Red Door Spa Pop-Ups

It sure pays to procrastinate!

The beautiful Red Door Spas across the US are holding Pop-up Shops for those daughters, sons and spouses who put off Mother's Day shopping, offering spa and product samplings, goodies, even mini-services when guests pick up a gift or gift...


Beauty Must-Haves for the Girl on the Go

Avoid fading fragrance, lackluster locks and makeup that wears off. Include these Beauty Brands (with several Valley locations) daily essentials tucked away in your handbag to keep your look vibrant and fresh throughout the day.



Top Spray Tanning Spots in Phoenix

Get a perfect luminous sun-kissed glow—without the sun—just in time for pool season. Airbrush tanning is a safe alternative to harsh ultraviolet lights or natural rays from sun exposure. Get a lasting glamorous tan in 30 minutes or less at one of these Valley favorites.


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