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Looking for that perfect fragrance with a blend of seduction and sex appeal? Melissa Lenberg, owner of Citrine Natural Beauty Bar at Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix, says certain oils holds that sexy aphrodisiac scent that women look for, especially for those who want to spice things up.




Organic Egyptian Jasmine: This oil has been around for hundreds of years and provides a sensual smell. Men will flock towards the smell. Its floral scent gives off a high amount of aphrodisiac and remains a beautiful fragrance.



Lavender: This is a scent every man loves. Historically known to give off a smoothing, calm feeling, it also holds as a strong aphrodisiac and can be mixed with spice and floral to enhance the sex appeal it already has.



Turkish Rose: Considered among the most powerful oils and aphrodisiac, it’s also making it the most expensive. However, with the highest levels of sensuality, the Turkish Rose is a rare and loved fragrance.



Cinnamon: This spicy scent is known to ignite passion. Being a strong aphrodisiac scent, cinnamon is a great way to create excitement and warmth.


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Face Blend No. 3: This custom oil found at Lenberg’s Citrine Natural Beauty Bar is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Combining the erotic and potent Somalian frankincense with organic and exotic Egyptian jasmine, this perfect blend of seduction and power is like Cleopatra herself. Wearing this scent will literally make men go crazy.

At Citrine Natural Beauty Bar, Lenberg is known for her mastery of custom making fragrances from all natural and organic ingredients. With 13 years in beauty school she is able to match the perfect fragrance to a customer’s personality and gives them complete freedom to choose what scents they’re looking for. So stop by and pick out that special fragrance for that special someone.