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Labor Day Weekend in Tucson

Labor Day weekend is always jam-packed full of parties, barbecues and get-togethers, and Tucson is no exception. From musical performances to resort getaways and even an earth-friendly festival, celebrating the end of summer has never been so fun. Read on for our picks of Tucson’s best events with which to let loose and welcome the arrival of fall.


Happy 234th Birthday, Tucson!

Today is a very special day in Tucsonan history: It is, in fact, our historical town’s birthday. The town of Tucson has been celebrating its birthday during the entire month of August since 2006, thanks to centenarian and community leader Cele Peterson, who started the tradition. Although the area we now know as Tucson dates back 4,100 years ago with the arrival of corn and farmers from Mexico, it wasn’t until Aug. 20, 1775 that Captain Hugo O’Conor chose what is now downtown Tucson as the site for the historic Presidio San Agustin del Tucson.


Green Tucson

From carrying your own canvas shopping bags to choosing organic produce and energy-efficient light bulbs, being green sure has become trendy—and we mean that in a good way. Tucson is an especially earth-conscious city—the American Lung Association ranked Tucson as being the No. 6 city in the country for clean air in their “State of the Air: 2009” report. Here are a few green tidbits about Tucson venues and activities to expand your eco-I.Q.


Mother’s Day Gifts for Tucson Dwellers

Who held your hand on the first day of kindergarten, or patched up your knee when you fell off your bike? More than likely, it was mom. This year, she deserves all the thanks in the world and we think the following gifts—found right here in town—may actually do her justice.


5 Time-Saving Kitchen Tools

Personal chef Wendy Gauthier knows a thing or two about cooking. As the owner of Tucson personal meal service Chef Chic, Gauthier caters everyday meals as well as those for special occasions and events. Here, she steps out of the kitchen to share with us some essentials she can’t cook without.

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