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Nightfall, Harvest of Fear

Legend has it that the terror town of Nightfall, an attraction at Old Tucson Studios, was terrorized by Dr. Jebediah Hyde years ago when it first opened. However, after years of “incessantly torturing the inmates of the Goulliard Asylum for the Perpetually Insane in the name of scientific research,” his trusty lab assistant Isabel—whom he had abducted and forced to help perfect his techniques—began manifesting her own medical miracle. Only this theory didn’t aid the ol’


Tucson Meet Yourself Festival

One of the things that makes Tucson a unique and a fun place to live is its cultural diversity and eclectic arts scene. One way to really experience such variety is by visiting the many fall festivals that take place this time of year, one of the most interesting being the Tucson Meet Yourself festival. Happening this weekend, Tucson Meet Yourself is jam-packed full of food, cultural art and performances—and best of all, it’s extremely family-friendly.



Fiesta de las Calabazas

Here in the scorching, sizzling temps of Arizona, the arrival of fall and the end of 100-plus temperatures for eight or nine months is definitely cause for celebration. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the (slightly) cooler temps, make sure you attend the Fiesta de las Calbazas this weekend, the annual pumpkin harvest created in 2000 to celebrate the beginning of the fall season.



Jim Click Run ’N’ Roll

With the crazy schedules most of us keep during the fall months—work events, kids’ soccer games, PTA meetings, volunteer obligations - sometimes it can be difficult to stick to an exercise regimen. If you’re one of the many whose workout routines are slacking this autumn, head to the University of Arizona campus this Sunday, Oct. 4, for the Jim Click Run ’N’ Roll 8K and 2-Mile Fun Run.



Old Tucson Studios - Arizona’s Hollywood in the Desert

For most Tucsonans, the Old Tucson Studios are a staple of the city’s history and a huge tourist attraction for most visitors. Located on 201 S. Kinney Rd., guests of the Wild West-themed attraction should note that the studio’s 70-year-old production history is still in working order.


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