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Fourth of July in Tucson

By the time July rolls around, the crisp spring season has officially left us in exchange for the lazy, sizzling days of summer. The Fourth of July holiday offers a much-needed opportunity to bust out of our warm-weather rut and celebrate. Whether you’re up for a traditional fireworks show and some barbecued fare, or you’re looking to try something less conventional this year, Tucson has plenty of family-friendly happenings this year to keep everyone patriotically happy.



Tucson—The Greater Oro Valley Council’s Bob Weede

The Greater Oro Valley Arts Council has been making an enormous impact in the Tucson community for almost 13 years—but with all the concerts, festivals, school programs and not to mention contributions they make to the community, it’s hard to imagine a time that GOVAC didn’t exist. At the center of the Council’s hard work is co-founder Bob Weede, whose passion for music and the arts became not only a form of entertainment, but a way to better the Oro Valley community.


Tucson Weekend Visitors’ Guide

Whether you’re taking a break from the big-city feel of life in Phoenix, or you’ve found yourself with a slew of out-of-town guests, leave the weekend plans up to us. Here, we give you the best of the best in Tucson activities and destinations—these picks will impress even the pickiest of travelers.


Green Tucson

From carrying your own canvas shopping bags to choosing organic produce and energy-efficient light bulbs, being green sure has become trendy—and we mean that in a good way. Tucson is an especially earth-conscious city—the American Lung Association ranked Tucson as being the No. 6 city in the country for clean air in their “State of the Air: 2009” report. Here are a few green tidbits about Tucson venues and activities to expand your eco-I.Q.


Tucson’s Children’s Activities

With the kids officially out of school for the next couple of heat-drenched months, you’ll need more than just the park and swimming pool circuit to keep the little ones entertained and the play dates painless. The following Tucson attractions are fun and educational ways to get your tykes out of the house for a few hours. Plus, you may even learn a thing or two.

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