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Easter Brunch in Tucson

April is arguably one of the most pleasant months here in Tucson, making Easter our favorite sunny-weather holiday. The meals and buffets at these lavish resorts and restaurants are sure to be so delicious and satisfying that this may be the year you resist feasting on your kids’ extra Easter basket candy. Check out our picks for the best Sunday-morning spreads Tucson has to offer—you may even find yourself starting a new Easter tradition.

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New Tucson Shops and Restaurants

Once solely referred to as the Wild West, Tucson has long been known for its desert terrain, majestic mountains and sizzling temperatures. While these characteristics still ring true today, Tucson has since expanded into a metropolis of high-end dining, shopping and resort living. In fact, additional chic hotspots are frequently popping up before our very eyes. Don’t miss out on the next best place to grab a bite to eat or snag a good deal—read on to learn about some of Tucson’s greatest new arrivals.

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A Perfect Match

With a field of the world’s top 64 players destined to duel, The Accenture Match Play Championship garners international attention with a spotlight on Tucson.



Women Who Move the City 2009

These passionate and successful women have outdone themselves, all in different ways, to make significant contributions to our community. Here, we’ve laid out the inspiring stories of several remarkable women who help to make Tucson the fantastic place we call home.


Small Seeds, Big Cause

During its 25 years in Tucson, Native Seeds/Search has discovered how to preserve ancient cultures, one seed at a time.

Native Seeds in Hands

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