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Things to do this Weekend in Phoenix - Aug 14-16

The weekend is almost here and you are looking for things to do in Phoenix. Look no further. We have a little something for everyone on our list of things to do this weekend - August 14-16 edition.

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. LA Dodgers 8/14 - 8/16

arizona diamondbacks


Choosing a Pre-School

It’s back to school time, even for the little ones. Here on 10 Tips on choosing a pre-school or nursery school from Tracey Frost Rensky, CEO & Co-Founder of Citibabes & CitiSchool, Mother and Parenting Expert.


5 Steps To Help Children Cope During A Divorce

July is National Child-Centered Divorce Month, so Sheila D. Vance is helping to bring attention to children’s emotional needs when parents divorce or separate.??

child centered divorce


The Valley’s Rising Star: Jolie Vanier

Have you heard of Jolie Vanier? She’s an award winning actress starring in an upcoming blockbuster, an author, and a philanthropist. Still not ringing any bells? Maybe that’s because this talented Scottsdale native isn’t in your normal social circle, which isn’t all that surprising considering she’s only eleven-years-old. You heard me right, eleven.



Chapman BMW Chandler: A New and Improved Dealership

While most businesses are downsizing and cutting costs, Chapman BMW of Chandler is expanding. Having moved from Scottsdale to a bigger and better location in Chandler on March 1, the brand-new dealership is already thriving, selling approximately 200 cars a month.

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