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Office Space

Creating award-winning designs is how these architects have made their marks, so we turned the tables to explore the environments that inspire their ingenuity.


Jean Lover, Come Rescue Me

From bell bottoms and stonewashed denim to skinnys and boot cuts, AFM traces the roots of the jean, America’s favorite fashion staple.


School Smarts

When faced with the overwhelming task of choosing a high school for your amazing budding citizen, the options can be downright dizzying. There are large and small options, parochial and nonparochial, traditional and not-so-traditional—the key is to evaluate what is best for your individual teenager and family.


Amazing Valley Kids

While every kid possesses their own unique talent, not every child is able to develop that gift into a career at a young age. This month, we pay tribute to five amazing Valley kids who are anything but average. They have gone above and beyond the expectations of parents, teachers and coaches to achieve great things—all before the age of 18.
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