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Order in the cupboards! With spring almost sprung, it’s time to cut clutter and reorganize. After all, how can one begin to find the necessary party essentials for summer’s up-and-coming soirees with everything in such disarray? Don’t panic, we at AFM have decided to help. Below is a fun-filled list of how to get organized. The motto: deep breaths.

Cramped Corners

organization tips

Today, closets have become an industry in itself. Whether it’s walk-ins, reach-ins, the children’s or your own, women and men alike enjoy a refined space where their belongings are all within reach. There’s no more flinging cloths or jumbling shoes together. Now closets offer their own accessories, like counter space and jewelry draws. To keep your closet tidy, tie in shoe rails for accessible footwear and space clothing evenly on hangars. .