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Whether the down economy is effecting you financially or not, its got to have everybody thinking about excess and how the trend these days is to pare down your lifestyle and get rid of wastefulness. Many people are cleaning out their closets in an effort to live more organized and waste-free, and some folks are even opening up their jewelry boxes and freeing themselves of old, unwanted jewelry, and making some money at the same time.


Estate Watch & Jewelry Co. owners Don and Jill Edwards have been buying and selling high-end jewelry and watches for the last 13 years, catering to both a local and international clientele, as well as online buyers who can purchase items from the store’s website. Walk into the Old Town Scottsdale store and you will be amazed at the selection of new and used luxury watches (think Cartier, Rolex, Breitling, Tag) and unique jewelry and lose diamonds from Art Deco era gold pieces to 30 carat diamond tennis bracelets. In this treasure trove buyers will find items priced from $150 to $180,000. “We have quite an astute buyer,” says owner Jill Edwards, who runs the business alongside her husband Don.

When it comes to jewelry, the astute customers she is talking about are really on to something. “Why buy retail,” says Jill. Buying a second hand piece of jewelry cuts out the labor costs and overhead and buyers can walk out the door with a watch or diamond ring for much less than they would pay if it were new. And really, a diamond doesn’t lose its shine if it’s been worn before, does it? But if you want something that is new to you, Jill says they can still accommodate this since they have an on-site jeweler that can create a custom piece with materials you bring in or purchase from Estate Watch & Jewelry Co.

Now when it comes to selling your unwanted jewelry, consider visiting Jill too. “Gold is at an all-time high, so why not sell,” says Jill. The trend today is to get rid of waste and live a leaner, more focused life, so if you are considering letting go of some jewelry items, now would be an ideal time. Bring your estate jewelry to the Scottsdale location and it will be evaluated and a price will be offered to you if it is what the store is looking for. Other alternatives to selling flat out, would be trade-ins (where you might put your estate jewelry toward a purchase from the store) or consignment. Jill says that consignment will pay a bit higher when it sells, since she does not have to buy if off a customer upfront, so if you have unlimited time to sell your items, this may be an option to consider.

Whether you are looking to unload some unwanted jewelry or you are looking to purchase a piece at a good price, stop into Estate Watch & Jewelry Co. and you will be welcomed into a whole new world of jewelry buying and selling , where the customer always wins.

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