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Fashion Essentials for Beating the Desert Heat


Desert heat is unique for multiple reasons. It is unique because it is a dry type of heat, lacking in humidity and moisture. It is also unique because it is a type of heat that can reach extremes on the temperature scale. When dressing for the desert, it is not just about shorts, tank tops, and sandals.


Tips for getting a Haircut at Home—DIY Hacks


Covid 19 has changed the way you work and think. Because the pandemic is still going on, you might even have modified the way you go about doing the smaller things in life. In fact, the simple tasks of everyday life,  such as getting a good haircut, salon pampering or manicure, all seem to be such huge deals to crack! 


5 Hacks to Help You Stay Fashionable on a Budget


With the latest trends in fashion changing every year, or even every month, it can be expensive to try and keep yourself up to date with the latest must-have outfits. However, fashion does not always have to be expensive, and many of the best fashionistas in the world have found ways to pursue their passion without breaking the bank. So, here are five hacks that you can use to help you stay fashionable on a budget. 


3 Warm and Stylish Winter Trends


Sick of wearing the same few winter accessories that just feel bleh? Yeah, they’re warm and all, but they just don’t make a statement or feel exciting. Well, winter doesn’t have to mean boring—or expensive! With just one or two investment staples, or perhaps a couple of cheaper accessories, you’ll begin to feel the wonders of winter fashion come to life. 



Oversized style

This is something you can play around with, without actually having to buy anything. For example, your favorite oversized sweater or...


Knockout: Fall Fashion


Welcome the new season with decadent doses of sequins, suede, lace and pearls.

2019 Face of Foothills winner, Laura Helton. Photographed by Michael Franco. Styled by Melody Sanchez. Fashion by Vintage by Misty.

Roberto Cavalli denim jacket, $550. Vintage by Misty. 



Victor Costa sequined one-shoulder gown, $595. Vintage by Misty. Earrings, $36. Nordstrom. Other jewelry, stylist's own.



Roberto Cavalli denim jacket and pants, $550. Vintage by Misty.



Bernard Perris velvet mini dress, $725. Earrings, $50. Nordstrom. 



Christian Dior tuxedo dress, $900. Vintage by Misty. Earrings, $36. Nordstrom.

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