Bruce and Kris Jenner...Officially Divorced.


Kris and Bruce Jenner have officially settled their divorce - the LA County judge signed those good ol' papers. Just as all reports say, they've continued to keep things clean and easy. According to TMZ, there was no prenup, Kris gets the family house, and they've divided up all of their various bank accounts...


CREED Frontman Loses Control and Child Custody

Scott Stapp, the former lead of CREED, has lost the custody of his three children and not-to-mention he also lost the rights to be in his house. Jaclyn, his soon-to-be ex-wife, is trying to get him involuntarily committed for 60-days. According to TMZ, Jaclyn says that Stapp has been taking a wide range of drugs including coke, weed, and meth. You may have seen many self-made videos of him over the internet. 


"Irreconcilable Differences" in Hollywood-What it Really Means: Autumn Reeser&Husband



"Entourage" actress Autumn Reeser just filed for divorce from her husband Jesse Warren Strutzel. Their short 5-year marriage, but long in the eyes of the Hollywood, is ending quite tamely due to "irreconcilable differences." Not exactly an odd citing there. 


Stephen Collins with High Demands Through Divorce and Court



       Stephen Collins, quite obviously, has a lot on his self-inflicted plate right now. On top of his worldwide spread scandal for being accused of child molestation, he and has long-time wife, Faye Grant, are divorcing. According to TMZ, Collins is demanding a million dollars for Grant supposedly recording his guilty confession during a therapy appointment. Collins' demands this amount because he says that he cannot get any work after TMZ and other news sources have posted videos of his confession.


Glee Actress Jane Lynch Pays Big-Time For Divorce



      Established actress Jane Lynch and her wife recently divorced. However, it didn't come easy, nor cheap. According to TMZ, Lynches wife Lara Embry, will receive $1.2 million spaced over a 2-year period from her recent ex-wife. We all know that’s not any small chunk of change.

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