Real-World Funding for Your Real-World Business

An acclaimed serial entrepreneur, Peter J. Burns III is no stranger to creating and launching successful business ventures. And as he has come to know quite well, before any business can even think about taking off, the entrepreneurs behind it must complete one vital little step: securing capital to fund that launch.



Family Law- Parent Relocation

Q&A with Kaine Fisher, Director of Rose Law Group Family Law Department

“I was divorced 5 years ago and have since remarried. My ex-husband and I have an eight-year-old daughter and a five-year-old son.   My current husband is in the United States Army and he just received word he is being re-stationed to Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia. I obviously want to move with him and bring the kids. Can I go?”



Death to the First Right of Refusal

Q&A with Kaine Fisher, Director of Rose Law Group Family Law Department.

“My ex-husband has court-ordered parenting time with our children every other weekend. I recently found out from my oldest son he frequently goes out of town for business on his weekends and leaves the children with his new girlfriend who I have never met. I’m always available to have them and would love to spend the extra time with them, but he is not letting me know when he does this. This just doesn’t seem fair. Is there anything I can do?”



Oil and Gas: The Tale of Two Revolutions

War, religion, politics, and guns have been hotly contested topics for decades, even millennia. It hasn’t been until the last decade or so when families, friends, and communities starting debating each other on the steps of state capitols and at dinner tables across the country over all aspects of energy, especially natural resource development.




Family Law- What are a Grandparent's Rights?

Q&A with Kaine Fisher, Director of Rose Law Group Family Law Department

“My son recently, and unexpectedly, passed away and his ex-wife is refusing to let me see or even communicate with my grand-children.  What are my rights as a grandparent in Arizona?”


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