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Take a peek at a few bonus photos.

construction at Taliesin West Arnold Roy on right 1956
Construction continues at Taliesin West, with apprentice Arnold Roy on right, 1956. Courtesy A. Roy.


July 112012 005 david interviewing cornelia at tw
David M. Brown interviews Cornelia Brierly at Taliesin West, July 11, 2012. After a brief hospitalization, Cornelia died Aug. 24.


Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice Kamal Amin and Iovanna Wright (Wright’s daughter) on Johnny Walker, 1950s. Iovanna lives in Pasadena, Calif. Courtesy K. Amin.


Michael Rust FLW-inspired home New York
Michael Rust home in New York, Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired. Not a FLW apprentice, Rust is a graduate of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and practices in Chandler. Courtesy M. Rust.


Mrs. Wright and Arnold Roy apprentice circa 1950s
Mrs. Wright and Arnold Roy, apprentice, circa 1950’s.


Taliesin West morning light credit Judith Bromley
Taliesin West, morning light. Credit Judith Bromley.


Taliesin West credit judith bromley
Taliesin West. Credit Judith Bromley.


Vern Swaback personal home Skyfire in Scottsdale.  Swaback was a FLW apprentice. Photo Swaback Partners
Vern Swaback personal home, Skyfire, in Scottsdale. Swaback was a Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice. Photo Swaback Partners.