Fresh Start Raises more than $1 million at 2011 Phoenix Gala


Fresh Start board members have confirmed that the 2011 Phoenix Gala raised more than $1 million, with more than $90,000 generated through the event's silent auction.

The Fresh Start Fashion Gala took place on Saturday, February 12, 2011 at the Arizona Biltmore Resort. Katie Couric hosted the event, which featured a full-scale fashion show with looks from the fall line of Oscar de la Renta, presented by Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Click here for photos of this year's event!


Rebecca Black: Friday comes before Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards


In case you hadn't heard, Friday comes before Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards. Rebecca Black, a 12 year-old with a penchant for auto-tune and weekends, has been all over Twitter's Trending Topics for a week. Why? Because she somehow emerged out of nowhere with as the most terrible/awesome music sensation since William Hung.

Check out this ridiculousness everybody's been talking about:

It's terrible that so many adults are making fun of a 12 year-old, but how can you not?


Optima to Open Sonoran Village Near Scottsdale Fashion Square


Believe it or not, Optima is in talks to open yet another condo development near Scottsdale on Camelback. Where the Orchid Tree apartments currently sit on the southeast corner of 68th street and Camelback, the new Sonoran Village will be built.

The new development is said to include 493 residential units and 40,000 sq.-ft. of commercial, retail and amenity room, with two open courtyards and five total buildings (four at seven stories tall, and one at five stories tall). 

Construction will begin this July and take three years to complete, with buildings ready for residents as early as 2013.


El Chorro Asks City for Street Sign


El Chorro Lodge has put in a request with the city for an "El Chorro Lodge" street sign with an arrow pointing into the parking lot. Last time we checked there weren't any other restaurants in Phoenix with their own streets.

Motive: Free advertising? 


Chef Christopher Gross on Being in Japan During the Earthquake and Tsunami


"The quake felt like it went forever, and it wasn't going to stop. It was amazing watching walls move and and roads and buildings, then seeing all the people by the millions walking home on the street. It was a seemingly endless stream of people calmly walking down the streets in both directions because of all the trains and metro were closed."

- Chef Christopher Gross on being in Japan during the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami

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