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Bravo, Prado

InterContinental Montelucia Resort & Spa made its debut in Paradise Valley in the fall, along with its signature dining destination, Prado. Under the direction of chef Claudio Urciuoli, this Spanish-inspired eatery has all the makings of a romantic resort restaurant: a dimly lit dining room, cozy-up booths and, our favorite, a pasta dish for two.

Montelucia Prado Restaurant


Under the Knife

From New York City to Los Angeles, food lovers are quite familiar with the name Laurent Tourondel, thanks to his beloved BLT brand. Now, Scottsdale’s Camelback Inn is home to the celebrated chef’s latest dining destination, BLT Steak.


True Story - Sam Fox

In the June 2005 issue of AFM, we named restaurateur Sam Fox one of our Valley V.I.P.’s. Boy, were we right. Since then, Fox has opened several eateries throughout the state, with the newest being Biltmore Fashion Park’s True Food Kitchen.

Sam Fox Restaurants


Loca for Noca

Phoenix favorites Delux and Zen 32 are in good company with their newest strip-mall neighbor, Eliot Wexler’s Noca.

Home Again, With Eddie

Have you been longing for chef Eddie Matney’s famous bacon-infused meatloaf and Mo’ Rockin’ Shrimp since his Biltmore eatery closed in 2005? Well, dry your eyes and head to Matney’s new Old Town dining digs.

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