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Photo Credit: Hector Salas Almeida


Story By: Hector Salas Almeida

In the fast pace ever changing world of fashion, we always seem to be thinking about what is next and tend to live and think one season ahead. In the spring we think of those bitter cold winter days and the trends for fall. In the fall, we think of the crisp spring air and warm summer days where we can ditch the heavy winter coats and dress in light linen tops while staying fashionable and incorporating those hot trends that keep your style fresh and current.

Even though we are barely diving into the cooler temperatures here and are ready to be done with the high temperature summer brings to the valley every year, it is time to think of the trends for Spring 2016 in fashion. Here are some highlights of the most popular trends for Spring 2016 from designers featured at Phoenix Fashion Week 2015.