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Bryanna Casey and Stephanie Neiheisel


At The Phoenix Makeup Collective, co-founders Bryanna Casey and Stephanie Neiheisel aren’t just passionate about making women feel beautiful upon looking in the mirror; they are out to educate. “We expose ourselves to so many products every day, and your skin is your largest organ, absorbing 60 percent of everything we apply directly into the bloodstream,” says Neiheisel. “Spreading awareness of clean beauty and how it can still be glamorous and fun has been a rewarding experience.” Casey and Neiheisel have nearly two combined decades of experience, though they hope to spend the new year learning and growing within the beauty field. They might even have an apprentice in the works: “My cousin called me to tell me that her 5-year-old daughter told her class on career day that she wanted to be a makeup artist when she grows up,” says Casey. “I thought that was amazing. We’re right up there with astronauts and superheroes!”