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Aimee Blake


After being a longtime consumer of sugaring, Aimee Blake opened Sugar Sugar locally in 2013. (Sugaring is an organic method of hair removal using only sugar, lemon and water.) “Creating Sugar Sugar allowed me to express my imagination while my science background encouraged me to embrace my love for skin care and wellness,” she says. Sugar Sugar has locations in both Scottsdale and Phoenix, and Blake says that outposts will be opening throughout the U.S. this year. Makes sense, as Blake says that many of her satisfied customers visit from out of state. In addition to sugaring, the spot welcomes clients to look and feel their best through a variety of other services, including vegan lash extensions, organic airbrush tanning and custom organic facials. Because Blake takes clients’ suggestions and successes to heart, the Sugar Sugar team is often told how it is changing lives for the better. “The overall betterment of their skin's longevity is our goal.”