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Lisa Fresa Palacios


Need a hair audit? Enter “The Fixer.” Lisa Fresa Palacios gained that designation in the hair industry as she is a respected pro at perfecting hair extensions. She started in the hair industry 15 years ago and moved up quickly in the industry to her now-successful career; Palacios has now worked for New York Fashion Week, launched her brand and has a significant celebrity and local clientele. She has transformed the face of hair extensions in the Valley and beyond, changing the perception from damaging and unnatural to “seamless,” a “bonus” to the beauty a woman already possesses. “I realize…the impact I make on my clients,” she says. “They leave glowing. Not only do I enhance their appearance, but a magical shift goes on in their inner self. My job is only complete when my client feels on top of the world.” Though a trip to the salon may seem like a luxury, for 85 percent of Palacios’ clients, hair extensions offer much-needed solutions. “The clients who come in with real-life problems who struggle with hair loss have sadness and desperation in their voices and come in feeling hopeless. To be able to help women feel beautiful, confident and sexy and walk out of the salon with their heads held high fuels me to help as many people that come into my life.”