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Drs. Cristina Romero-Bosch and John A. Robinson


It is impossible to look beautiful if you don’t feel the part. That is where The Hormone Zone (a k a The Sex Docs) come in. The husband-and-wife duo of Drs. Cristina Romero-Bosch and John A. Robinson have been practicing medicine and serving patients from all over the country since 2006. The Hormone Zone, located in Scottsdale, provides medical services with a focus on hormone-replacement therapy, age-management medicine, thyroid management with their unique system ThyroZone, nutritional IV therapy, aesthetic and sexual medicine, and performance optimization. Not only does The Hormone Zone offer results to its patients who are battling everything from thyroid issues to fatigue to weight gain to low libido, it provides personalized care, attention and time that many clinics are unable to offer. “We always establish a real relationship with our patients as we provide an elite patient experience of personalized care,” says Dr. Romero-Bosch. “We utilize innovative medical therapies to optimize the health of everyone we work with.” Because of their expertise and genuine desire to make a life-altering difference, “You saved and improved my marriage,” “You figured things out that no other doctor could” and “I got ‘me’ back” are just a few of the delighted reactions that Drs. Romero-Bosch and Robinson hear from thankful patients. In 2019, the doctors, who are also accomplished authors, are focusing on regenerative medicine and stem cell rejuvenation, something they are including in aesthetic services like the popular Vampire facial and particularly the O and P Shots for sexual wellness. “We see The Hormone Zone expanding in 2019 and serving even more patients,” says Dr. Robinson. “We are continually growing as we welcome more associate physicians into our practice. There is emerging science and clinical benefits with so many cutting-edge therapies, and we are always bringing these options to our patients at The Hormone Zone. It’s an exciting time in medicine!”