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Shandi Rooney


Skin health and physical health truly go hand in hand. With that notion in mind, Shandi Rooney, owner of Phoenix’s Face.Lift Studios, opened a unique space that not only addresses skin care needs through medical-grade treatments (like HydraFacial, Vivace, Dermaplaning and more), but also presents a variety of fitness classes that span from interval running classes to sculpt sessions. “I recognized the importance of time management and wanted to create a space where all of these services are available under one roof,” she says. But Face.Lift Studios doesn’t just offer convenience; its services allow clients to shine from the inside out. “I love being able to make [clients] feel and look their best,” says Rooney, who has 15 years of fitness studio experience. “I am so blessed to be able to motivate clients through my fitness classes and provide customized skin care treatments and regimens to allow their natural beauty to shine.”