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Hannah Felix 


After seeing patient deaths from causes that were primarily preventable during her last nine years as a registered nurse and experiencing great personal success from tracking macronutrient intake, Hannah Felix of Fluence Fitness became a nutrition and macro coach to help others reach their maximum health. Felix teaches clients about macros, while coaching them through the tracking process—and their results have been staggering, including clients who have dropped more than 100 pounds. “Aside from the overall health of the individual, I also work with a ton of clients who just want to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin,” says Felix. “And while this may be more of an external driver, helping others to feel their most beautiful, best self is always going to be a home run for me.” This year, Felix and her fiancé, personal trainer Eric Meyer, have moved some of their business online and hope to reach more people and create a community of likeminded individuals who lift up and inspire one another. “We really want to create a ripple effect of health and happiness.”