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Danielle Fryer

@daniellefryer; @thecountryclubatdcranch 

“I think your light matters! If it didn’t, you would not be here.” For some, those words from Danielle Fryer, director of Health & Fitness at The Country Club at DC Ranch, are all that is needed on a path to a healthy, beautiful life. “There is nothing more liberating that being happy in your own skin,” says Fryer. “Whatever your path of your life may bring, whatever your body composition and structure, it is important to me to serve as an experienced teacher on the subject. Our bodies are an instrument for life to experience itself through. If I can connect with someone and point to that in which is already inside of them, we all win. We are all in this together.” After spending her childhood involved in gymnastics, Fryer has been a fitness professional for 24 years and a registered dietitian nutritionist for 19 (she became interested in the subject while in high school and finding herself confused by conflicting information regarding food). This year, Fryer looks forward to the April opening of The Country Club at DC Ranch’s brand-new fitness and performance facility and hopes to publish her first book, Evolve Healthy. A Mindfulness Guide to Food and Body Liberation. “I am hopeful a book publisher will invest in my message, and if that doesn’t happen, I will invest in myself and self-publish.”