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Father’s Day Spa Services in Phoenix


Give Dad the gift of relaxation this Father’s Day. Spas all over the Valley are offering deals for Dad’s.



How To Get Bikini Ready FAST

HYPOXI Studio2Summer’s approaching and many men and women are focused on shaping up and in some cases, losing a few inches, to feel bold and confident in their bikinis or on their vacations. For females, dealing with problem areas like the hips, thighs and the lower stomach is almost a rite of passage into womanhood, and while incessant exercise and healthy nutrition over an extended period of time will result in positive body transformations, there’s an effective and quick strategy located here in the Valley that will jumpstart that lifestyle change and provide fast results in...


6 Tips to Keep Makeup Germ-Free During Flu Season


January and February can be typically dreary months, not only because the holidays are over and it’s too chilly for bikinis, but because it’s flu season in the Valley and the chances of catching it are all too common.

Everyone knows not to share beverages and to duck-and-cover when someone’s coughing, but one of the greatest germ carriers of all is that innocent little makeup bag and all its contents sitting in your bathroom or purse.

That’s why Melissa Lenberg, owner of...


OliveSpa: A Healthy Way to Hydrate


Growing up in an Italian family, I was super-intrigued when I heard about OliveSpa. We were very fond of olive oil and doused every food item we could with it, but using it for your skin? I had never heard that one. I was so excited to check out their products first-hand and learn about all the amazing benefits olive oil has for you inside and out.



 Queen Creek Olive Mill has been around since 1997 and is a...


Fall-Inspired Spa Treatments in Phoenix


Now that fall is finally in the air and pumpkin spice is everywhere, it’s the perfect time to incorporate pumpkin into your beauty routine. While the tasty flavor is great for your coffee and cakes, it can also do wonders for your skin. According to We Do Men: The Man Spa owner Stacey Grondahl, pumpkin is jam-packed with natural vitamin A, which makes it powerful for anti-aging and killing acne and bacteria on the skin. Here are five great spas offering pumpkin treatments in the Valley this season.

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