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HYPOXI Studio2Summer’s approaching and many men and women are focused on shaping up and in some cases, losing a few inches, to feel bold and confident in their bikinis or on their vacations. For females, dealing with problem areas like the hips, thighs and the lower stomach is almost a rite of passage into womanhood, and while incessant exercise and healthy nutrition over an extended period of time will result in positive body transformations, there’s an effective and quick strategy located here in the Valley that will jumpstart that lifestyle change and provide fast results in time for bikini season.

Hypoxi, located both in Scottsdale and the Biltmore area, is an exercise method and system created by an Austrian sports scientist, Dr. Norbert Egger. By combining nonaggressive exercise with compression and vacuum therapies, Hypoxi is able to target reduce fat in the difficult areas mentioned above and tighten skin. AZFoothills.com spoke with a certified Hypoxi coach and director of Operations, Brooke Varga, to learn more about the process and how it works.

  • 1.    It starts with an initial consultation to track the body and set goals.  Scheduling an appointment with Hypoxi means receiving one-on-one guidance from a certified Hypoxi coach, analyzing current body stats (like weight, measurements, current eating habits), and finally, where you’d like your body to be by the end of your Hypoxi package. Whether it’s a vacation in six weeks or a wedding day in two months, your coach will work with you to devise a strategy to help you achieve your ideal body. (Once a package is chosen, clients will receive stat updates every two weeks to ensure progress is being made).
  • 2.    Next your coach picks one or a few machines that will be best suited to your needs. This may be: the vacunaut, the S120, L250 or the Hypoxi-Dermology program to reduce cellulite.
  • The Vacunaut: Perfect for bikini season, the vacunaut is a body suit (similar to a wetsuit) used in conjunction with a treadmill to target lower abdomen fat cells, hips and obnoxious muffin tops. The suit works via 122 integrated pressure chambers (think a bunch of bubbles circling your stomach) that redirect blood circulation to the midsection during your 30-minute walk. The pressure releases the fat cells into the bloodstream, allowing for maximum fat burning.
  • S120: This machine is a great option for those who maintain a medium to high level of physical activity. Clients will wear a Hypoxi skirt (basically a stomach wrap to maintain airtight compression) and ride in a bicycle pod that targets the hips, lower butt and thighs. Via vacuum and compression therapies, the S120 will help clients awaken those fat cells and burn them away.
  • L250: Extremely similar to the S120, the L250 provides all the same benefits as the L250 but in a horizontal manner. Men and women who maintain lower levels of daily exercise will find this machine extremely helpful, as they can cycle in a laying down position and still target the lower regions.
  • Hypoxi Dermology: The least aggressive of all, Hypoxi Dermology is a passive treatment that reduces cellulite. Clients will lie down for 20 minutes and wear a suit with 400 pressure chambers that will cup the skin and feel similarly to a deep-tissue massage. This process increases blood flow and helps improve skin tone and texture.
  • 3.    Coaches use thermo temperature sensors and heart rate monitors to ensure fat burning during the exercise.  To make sure your time is being spent effectively, coaches will monitor your heart rate and body temperature. According to Varga, coaches look for a three-degree increase in body temperatures during the workout. Most women, however, experience a six-degree increase, she says.  
  • 4.    Coaches will provide clients with useful health and nutrition information to accompany the physical exercise component of Hypoxi. Hypoxi coaches know the best foods suited to shaping up, and will gladly share that information with any interested clients. Hypoxi coaches can help clients devise meal plans and answer the tricky questions like what to eat when, which snacks will help the fat burning process continue and more. 

The best part about Hypoxi is it’s fast and effective ­– it’s a great way to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle and achieve quick results before summer. Whether it becomes your leap pad for more intense forms of exercise or something you hold steady with for life, Hypoxi is a fantastic option for men and women of all ages.