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Summer 2015 Lipstick Tips and Trends


Similar to your manicures this season, summer’s trendiest lip colors are all vibrant, electric shades. While pale ballerina pinks are perfect for the springtime, why not be a little daring and try a bright hue as hot as the Arizona heat this summer? Here you will find the top lipstick tips and trends sure to make even the brightest summer day that much brighter.



Details That Define Sophistication in Menswear


The saying goes that you never truly know a man until you walk a mile in his shoes, but what about his socks? A man’s socks can tell you just as much about him as his shoes. It’s these details that lie under the surface which define sophistication, and clarify exactly what it means to be a man of the world with a keen sense of style and aesthetic. Let’s take a look at what defines sophistication in menswear.


Trendy Shoe Styles for Autumn 2015


With summer in full swing, cooler weather is the furthest thing from our minds. However, fall will be here before we know it, and, with it, comes the great fall fashion we all look forward to. And what's not to love about it, really? There's layering, accessorizing and, of course, the boots. Yes, come autumn, we kick our flip-flops to the curb, and dive into all the great shoes of the season. 

So, what killer footwear can we look forward to this fall? Keep reading to find out! 


4 Essentials for Choosing the Perfect Watch


Choosing a timepiece can be a tough decision, and the stakes are higher when it’s a gift for someone else. If you're looking for the perfect gift, a watch is a great choice. However, it's an investment worth putting in a little foresight and planning to find the best match for his style and your budget. Here are four essentials that should help guide your hunt for the perfect watch:


Summer 2015 Nail Trends


Summer has arrived in the Valley and that means sandal weather is here; time to polish up! From geometric patterns to striped designs to the perfect messy touch, it’s all about attention to detail when it comes to nails this season. Keep both your fingernails and toenails up-to-date with these hottest summer trends.

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