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Let the engagement and wedding ring experts at ED Marshall Jewelers help you find or design the perfect ring for her. Whether you’re about to be engaged or you want to upgrade an existing wedding ring, we’re here to help.


Find or Design Your Perfect Engagement or Wedding Ring at ED Marshall Jewelers

Whether you’re about to become engaged or you’re celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, engagement and wedding rings are the most recognized pieces of jewelry worn to represent your love. Choosing an engagement ring that reflects your love in a way that complements her style and personality might make you feel overwhelmed… There are so many choices.

It helps to have recognized experts to help you through the process: whether you love a ring on display, are excited to design a unique ring just for her, or want to “upgrade” an outdated ring with a new design. That’s where the onsite ring designers and goldsmiths at ED Marshall Jewelers in Scottsdale come in.


Not only does ED Marshall Jewelers offer the largest selection of diamondsin the state of Arizona, we also feature Gabriel & Co. New York mountings. We will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re approaching a milestone wedding anniversary or just want to give your current wedding ring an updated look, our two onsite designers and seven goldsmiths can help spruce up your existing ring. While we have more than 5,000 ring styles to choose from, we’ll work with you to alter any design to your liking.


When it’s time to choose a diamond, the team at ED Marshall Jewelers recommends learning more about the 4 Cs: cut, clarity, carat, and color. Understanding these four factors will help when it comes time to choose your perfect diamond.

Cut: It can be argued that a diamond’s cut is the most important factor because it determines the diamond’s sparkle. The cut refers to a diamond’s symmetry, proportions, and polish.

Clarity: Refers to how identifiable inclusions, or imperfections, are on the diamond. Most diamonds have inclusions that typically need a magnifier to see. The higher the clarity, the less visible inclusions.

Carat:A stone’s carat means its weight, though many think strictly of size. Diamond carats can range from a fraction of a carat to several carats.

Color: A diamond’s color is based on its lack of color. Every diamond has a color grade to reflect how “white” the diamond is; the whiter the better.

Discover the difference in shopping for one of your biggest investments at ED Marshall Jewelers. Our 45 years in business and a reputation for best-in-class service and selection puts us a step ahead of the competition. With our wide selection of diamonds and settings, and our onsite ring design experts, you’re sure to find that special ring she will be proud to wear forever.

Our team of jewelry experts at ED Marshall Jewelers can’t wait to work with you.